Selecting Password Software For Your Website


It’s not uncommon in the internet world for a website owner to want to include password and login applications to an existing expert content website. Their usual aim is to protect a part of their website with password access and charge their website visitors to read their premium content.

Why do we add password protection?

In our experience the two most common reasons for needing to include password protection and paid subscription to an existing website are:

The site owner meant to generate revenues from advertising, but the earnings they’re making are lower than they had projected. Because of this, they choose to move to a subscription model.

A website publisher has built up a loyal user base by offering free content. Then they opt to bring a premium content area so that they can charge for some content. This is most common with sites which construct a sizeable and loyal following

Login and Password Protection Software Checklist

When deciding to add login and password protection software to a website, these are some of the points that you should take into Consideration

Check 1 – The Way Integrated will the Login and Password Protection be?

It’s extremely possible you might want to have different levels of accessibility, such as gold, silver, and platinum. This may not be at the beginning but it is very likely to be the way your membership program will evolve. Your password protection software should let you specify which member sees what material.

Check 2 – How well does the Password Protection Contain with all the Payment Processing?

Among the most common problems, we find with people who bolt-on password security to their current website is they don’t have any means of telling that members have renewed their subscription and therefore which passwords should be busy. As soon as you have over a hundred members you have to guarantee payment processing and password confirmation are totally integrated.

Check 3 – Password Fraud and Multi-Login Protection

Make certain that the software has multiple ways of discovering password fraud. This is when one paying member shares their password with several people or somebody steals a password making it accessible to others, often by submitting it on a forum. The login and password protection software ought to have the ability to detect more than 1 person trying to log in at any 1 time, multiple distinct IP addresses, global logins, and other suspicious activity.

Check 4 – Ensure People Can Not Still Get your Premium Content Via the URL

It’s awesome how most password protection software doesn’t stop people from typing a URL directly into the browser address field to access premium content.

Check 5 – Permit the Search Engine Spiders in, But No People

The best password protection software enables the search engine spiders to find access to the premium content so that it can be indexed but blocks all human attempts to make it through the protection. This software will permit a premium content page to be displayed to non-members using only the name and a page outline visible. Visitors should also be revealed information about how to become a contributor to this website. This is a very important and powerful marketing tool

Check 6 – Turn off Page Caching

When a legitimate member logs in and accesses premium content to read, the page will be cached on a single or several servers around the globe. This means the next time that somebody searches for this content they’ll have the ability to see the complete cached version of this webpage without paying for membership. Make certain that your premium content pages can’t be cached.

Check 7 – Participants Need to Be Able to Pick Their Own Password

Ensure members can select their own password. Nothing reduces membership satisfaction and increases customer support calls than issuing complicated, hard to remember passwords.

A Word of Caution

Most login and password security software providers won’t make you aware of those issues or explain how you need to make certain that your premium content is protected. You have to tread carefully when using’bolt-on’ software to your website when earnings are involved. There are many individuals who know about the aforementioned loopholes and will exploit your website if you leave any of the doors open.

Best Solution

The best options for ensuring a secure and bullet-proof subscription website is to utilize a stage that has been constructed bottom-up to seamlessly incorporate the content management, password protection, and membership database. This is your very best chance of shutting off all of the common loopholes and maximizing your earnings. You’ll also significantly reduce customer support and member management difficulties, which can be monotonous and time-consuming.