Who we are

We recruit the best minds in the industry whilst keeping a constant focus on developing the next generation of cybersecurity experts.

Our experts continually interrupt the business. Their research-led strategy, victories at hacking competitions, and talks at conferences win admiration around the planet.

What we do

Neugrid’s portfolio was built on a desire to be original. From three decades of expertise stopping advanced cyber attacks, we have developed a passion for taking on the world’s strongest cyber threats. This teaches us how attackers defeat defenders.

With these insights, we have pioneered threat searching and been at the forefront of this movement away from traditional forensics to a constant real-time reaction.

What makes us different

We examine the defenses of banks to help them repel thieves looking to steal cash. We make sure you could check if your flight is on-time from anywhere and your plane lands safely. We advise hospitals, schools, as well as cities about the best way best to create safe networks. We assist router manufacturers to build better relations. We never stop.

It is not a simple job. But nobody works in this sector for an easy paycheck.

Our reliance on computers and the Internet grows with every passing day, and thus, too, does our vulnerability. The threats, which are primarily the job of highly-sophisticated organized crime groups, right harm millions of Internet users every day and are eroding our trust in the Internet. Every individual or business utilizing the Internet has a role in restoring this confidence.