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Clearly significant results achieved have been:

  1. Deployment of functioning grid nodes. The so-called Infrastructure Ground Truth has been established in the Data Coordination Centre and the Grid Coordination Centre. The delivered GCC and all DACS sites have been successfully installed; DACS1, DACS2 and DACS3 are all connected to the GEANT2 network. Additional computing resources were obtained from EGEE in order to support the final data challenge. The latter has been successfully executed over a total set of 2.000 CPU cores.

  2. Publication of image datasets, image processing algorithms, and statistical and visualization tools. neuGRID provides several datasets (Pilot E-ADNI, ADNI, AddNeuroMed) that are currently being analysed using the platform's image processing algorithms and computational resources. The comparison of 3T MRI reproducibility than 1.5T for the SIENA brain atrophy measure applied to the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) data set and the assessment of the reproducibility of the SienaX and Siena brain atrophy measures using the ADNI back to back MPRAGE MRI scans at 1.5T have been carried out and completed in the prototype neuGRID environment

  3. Development of functioning services (portal, desktop fusion, provenance, databasing). The latest versions of the neuGRID services are integrated in the platform released and now available from The following pipeline toolkits are available in neuGRID: FreeSurfer, BrainVisa, CIVET, FSL, R and ITK/VTK. NeuGRID users can now create fully functional workflows of algorithms/pipelines available in the grid and execute them against data coming from either the neuGRID data store or the LONI IDA in the US, thus opening the pathway to innovative new experiments.

  4. Successful data challenge of an unprecedented size. The CIVET cortical thickness extraction pipeline has been successfully gridified. It has been tested on a large scale with a data challenge (socalled AC/DC2) that analysed the US-ADNI dataset of 6'500 brain image scans, and occupied the neuGRID computing resources full time for 10 consecutive days. The final data challenge (AC/DC3) successfully concluded after about 3 months of runtime with processing cycles involving 1'000 CPU cores in parallel. This generated 2.2 TB of scientific data now being analysed by neuroscientists involved in neuGRID.

  5. Awareness at the scientific and decision making level of the vision and results of neuGRID. Neuroscientists are increasingly aware of the availability and potential of large image datasets to answer clinically poignant questions and the need of innovative infrastructures to fully exploit their scientific potential. Importantly, societal problems such as Alzheimer's require a global answer. Technical grid experts are beginning to view neuGRID as an exemplar of how high performance grid computing can be applied to future biomedical problems.

  6. Uptake of neuGRID's solutions by related efforts. neuGRID's concept and vision have been taken up by related initiatives in Europe and elsewhere. neuGRID has already taken into account by the most relevant international initiatives in the field. FP7 DECIDE, aiming to develop a clinical diagnostic service for physicians caring for patients with suspected neurodegenerative diseases, is using the neuGRID infrastructure to run its applications.

Deliverable list

del. no. deliverable_name____ WP no. Lead benefi-
Estimated indicative person-
Nature Dissemi-
nation level
Delivery date (proj. month)
D3.1 Data dictionary of the unified neuGRID database WP3 NE 2 (2) R PU M3
D1.1 Project handbook comprehensive of a clear division of tasks table for each project committee, common documentation, and common procedures WP1 FBF 5 (0) R PU M6
D2.1 Review document on data protection (legal and procedural issues) WP2 FBF 6 (2) R PU M6
D5.1 Brain Imaging Service Portfolio Specification Document WP5 NE 4 (1) R PU M6
D4.1 Dissemination and training plan WP4 FBF 3 (0) O PU M9
D2.2 Rules for commercial exploitation of data WP2 FBF 6 (2) P PU M10
D5.2 Regulatory guidelines document for code development WP5 NE 4 (1) R PU M10
D10.1 Gridification Model Specification WP10 MAAT 9 (0,5) O PU M10
D2.3 Protocol for ensuring data protection/safety in neuGRID WP2 FBF 6 (2) R PU M12
D4.2 Dissemination report I WP4 FBF 0,5 (0) R PU M12
D6.1 Design Document including API documentation, and description of functionality for the underlying layer WP6 UWE 8 (1) R PU M12
D7.1 Test-bed Installation and API Documentation WP7 MAAT 10 (1) R PU M12
D8.1 Ground Truth & Phase1, Deployment Test & Validation Report WP8 MAAT 15 (2) R PU M12
D11.1 AC/DC1 and Story Lines Test Suite Specification & Report WP11 MAAT 8 (1,5) R PU M12
D9.1 User Requirements Specification (URS) document first release WP9 UWE 20 (2,5) R PU M14
D10.2 Gridified Toolbox Year2 Portfolio Report WP10 MAAT 9 (0,5) R PU M22
D4.3 Dissemination report II WP4 FBF 0,5 (0) R PU M24
D6.2 Implementation: service prototype report WP6 UWE 10 (0) R PU M24
D7.2 Interim Grid Middleware Migration Test Report WP7 MAAT 9 (0) R PU M24
D8.2 Phase2 & 3, Updated Deployment Test & Validation Report WP8 MAAT 15 (2) R PU M24
D11.2 AC/DC2 Test Suite Specification & Report WP11 MAAT 8 (1,5) R PU M24
D9.2 User Requirements Specification (URS) document final release WP9 UWE 20 (2,5) R PU M26
D4.4 Post project sustainability report WP4 FBF 6 (2) R CO M32
D.5.3 Brain Imaging Services Business Models Report WP5 NE 2 (0) R CO M32
D3.2 Database implementation and performance report WP3 NE 9 (9) O PU M34
D2.4 Report of implementation of the neuGRID protocol for data protection/safety WP2 FBF 6 (2) R PU M36
D4.5 Dissemination report III WP4 FBF 0,5 (0) R PU M36
D5.4 Service Provision WP5 NE 8 (2) O PU M36
D6.3 Implementation: Software package, accompanied by a testing framework and documentation WP6 UWE 12 (1) O PU M36
D7.3 Final Grid Middleware Migrations Test Report WP7 MAAT 10 (1) R .. M36
D8.3 Ground Truth, Phase1, 2 & 3 Large Scale Test Report WP8 MAAT 15 (2) R PU M36
D10.3 Gridified Toolbox Year3 Portfolio Report WP10 MAAT 9 (0,5) R PU M36
D11.3 AC/DC3 Test Suite Specification & Recommendations Report WP11 MAAT 8 (1,5) R PU M36